Upper Jondachi Race Orientation / Registration





January 20, 2017         Tena   Napo   Ecuador    

Jondachi Race registration form HERE



The Upper Jondachi Race is a challenging Class V whitewater kayak competition that takes place in a unique and spectacular location on a committing and technical, low-volume steep creek in a remote jungle canyon in Ecuador. The event, and participants should focus on having a good time and running clean lines, making a personal best time, beating (or losing) to a friend by a few seconds, and sharing the experience of paddling the Urcusiqui and Upper Jondachi Rivers with other paddlers from around the world to celebrate the legendary FREE-FLOWING Jondachi River with our amazing river community here in Ecuador.



The Jondachi Race will consist of an individual, timed descent, leaving at 1-minute intervals, through a relatively short, approximately 1 km (estimated 4-5 minutes) section of river, between the Km 30 put-in on the Urcusiqui River and the Km 18 take-out bridge on the Jondachi River. The fastest time will determine the winner.


Potential changes to the race course may result due to extraordinary water levels above the established high-water cut-off limit. The final decision about the race course section will ultimately be made by race organizers at the put-in.


Those who have solid skills, appropriate equipment, and experience, but which do not wish to race are encouraged to sign up to help with safety.



There will be only one boat class allowed to race using standard, commercially-produced whitewater kayaks up to 9-feet (275 cm) in length. There will be one Women’s and one Men’s division for all age groups. Final results will be based on the fastest times as determined by the race jury. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest first, second and third-places for both Women’s and Men’s divisions.



1- The objective of the Upper Jondachi Race is to have a safe, fun, meaningful event to promote the importance of the Jondachi River as a paddle sports destination, the preservation of the Jondachi-Hollín-Misahuallí Ecological Corridor, and to position the Upper Jondachi Race as an annual event on the international whitewater racing circuit.


2- All participants must register and pay the minimum inscription fee by Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 7pm. Inscription fees are non-refundable.


3- All participants must complete prior reconnaissance and training runs and be thoroughly familiar with and competent to paddle the Class V Urcusiqui and Class V Upper Jondachi Rivers.


4- All participants must attend the Welcome meeting and Race Briefing on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 7pm at the auditorium of the Parque La Isla on the waterfront in Tena.


5- All participants must read and sign a waiver and release form before the race.


6- All participants must be at the established meeting point in front of the Café Tortuga on the Tena waterfront by 8:00am on Thursday, January 19, 2017, and ready to load into the designated transport vehicles.


7- All participants must meet safety and equipment requirements.


8- Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate.


9- If someone swims or is in trouble, the race is over. You will be disqualified if you fail to stop and help another paddler in distress. Every racer needs to look after his/her fellow competitors.


10- If another racer catches up to you, it is necessary to yield the right-of-way and let the winning racer go by. If you are being passed, you are obviously not going to win, so be a clean racer.


11- The final results of the race will be announced during the prize ceremony at the Guayusa Lounge in Tena, starting after the competitor’s dinner at about 8pm. The winners of the Women’s and Men’s division will be determined by the three fastest recorded race times for each competitor between the start and finish of the race section. In the event of a tie, the competitors will share the allotted prizes for that placement.


12- All decisions of the race director and race officials are final and must be respected.


13- The ERI and the race organizers are not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment.



  • Safety is our priority. If someone swims or is in trouble, therace is over. You will be disqualified if you fail to stop and help the rescue effort for another paddler in distress. Every racer needs to look after his/her fellow competitors.
  • If you are out of your boat, it is assumed that you are in danger and need help unless you provide a clear signal that you are okay, you have all of your equipment, and do not need help.
  • River-based safety kayakers will be collaborating with shore-based safety on the most significant drops.



  • Only mass-produced creeker/white water kayaks of serial production with a length of up to 275cm (9 feet) that meet the latest safety standards are allowed to participate in the race.
  • Therace officials reserve the right to prohibit the participation of kayaks and equipment which is damaged and/or does not meet the equipment specifications, have missing handles, inadequate PFDs or helmets, etc.
  • A Class V PFD with a rescue belt is required of every race competitor and safety volunteer.
  • Every race competitor and safety volunteer is required to have a throw bag, river knife, and a whistle.
  • In addition to the previous equipment, safety volunteers should have a first-aid kit, extra warm-layers, extra water, and a spare TAP paddle.
  • Racers should wear their assigned race bib from the Urcusiqui put-in to the take-out at Km 18, where the race bibs will be collected by the organizers.



The Race Officials will consist of the following constituents:

  • Race Director
  • Timing Director
  • Safety Director



The Race Officials will be responsible for the organization of the race and will have the following functions:

  • Announce, explain and enforce race rules and regulations;
  • Establish safety protocols;
  • Establish race timing protocols;
  • Determine the start and finish of the race section;
  • Establish high water cut-off limits, and if necessary, cancel the race;
  • Resolution of conflicts and disputes;
  • Announce race results




Any protests must be presented to the race director within 30 minutes of the end of the race. In case of a disputed issue, the simple majority of votes from the Race Officials will apply. The Race Officials may call upon versions from race judges and safety volunteers, as well as use photos or videos, to inform their opinions and decisions. In case of any escalated debate or failure to reach consensus, the decision of the Race Director will be final.




All participants must complete at least two (2) reconnaissance and training runs prior to the race day in order to have an intimate knowledge of the river and rapid features, and be prepared to run from the Km 30 put-in on Urcusiqui River to the Km 18 take-out bridge on the Jondachi River (with the exception of the mandatory portages). The intended race section will be announced at the Welcome meeting and Race Briefing at the auditorium of the Parque La Isla near the waterfront in Tena on Thursday, January 20, 2017 at 7pm.


Participants are encouraged to paddle the Urcusiqui and Jondachi Rivers during the designated training period between Monday, January 11, and Thursday, January 14, 2015, in order to share shuttles and benefit from local knowledge. Paddlers often meet at the Café Tortuga in the mornings and at the Guayusa Lounge, and Araña Bar in the evenings.




The mandatory athlete orientation and Race Briefing will take place on Thursday, January 14, 2016, at 7pm at the auditorium of the Parque La Isla on the waterfront in Tena. The Race Briefing is required for all participants. Absence from the Race Briefing may lead to disqualification from the race. Inscription fees are non-refundable.






08h00 All race participants and safety volunteers must be ready, with all food and equipment, ready to load their boats into their assigned transport vehicle at the designated meeting point in front of the Café Tortuga on the waterfront in Tena on Friday, January 15, 2016 at 8am.


08h30 Transport will leave the Tena waterfront and head to the river.


09h30  Participants will arrive, unload boats, and get ready to paddle at the Km 30 put-in on the Urcusiqui River.


10h00  Race organizers will complete final registration and equipment review and check-out, and distribute race bibs to racers.


10h30 Participants begin the warm-up run down the Urcusiqui and Jondachi Rivers until reaching the start of the race section at the pool below the first rapid at the Km 28 foot bridge.


11h30 Safety volunteers, organizers and racers take positions for race.


12h00 – 13h00   Upper Jondachi Race: individual racers are timed and will start at 1-min intervals.


13h30  Rest/snack/lunch break


14h00  Participants finish paddling Upper Jondachi down to the Km 18 take-out.


16h20  Participants arrive at take-out at Km 18 bridge over the Jondachi River and get loaded.


17h00  Participants return to Tena.


19h00 Dinner and award ceremony



The Upper Jondachi Race will be covered by local, national and international media. All participants must sign a photo and video release as part of the race inscription so the event can have full and unrestricted media exposure. Please cooperate with media and help them capture candid interviews, footage and material. Remember that this is a very high-profile event at the local level, and all of the participants will be in the spotlight. Please share any personal photos or video footage with the media and ERI. The more promotion and exposure that the Upper Jondachi River receives as an important paddle sports and ecotourism destination, the easier it will be to preserve the Jondachi River as a free-flowing, wild & scenic ecological corridor for the benefit of present and future generations.



Most paddlers prefer to wear shorts and a long-sleeve paddling jacket (or a short-sleeved dry top) with an insulating layer underneath. Secure footwear with sticky-rubber soles is essential for scouting and walking on rocks. The put-in elevation at the Urcusiqui River is at about 1200m; the take-out at the Km18 bridge on the Jondachi River is at about 900m. Water temperatures on the Urcusiqui and Jondachi Rivers are cool (~18 deg C / ~64 deg F). Weather and air temperatures are variable. Since it is a full day on the river, it is wise to bring an extra warm-layer and extra food and water.